Wash feather jacket

Wash feather jacket

Keys to wash feather jacket

Washing feather jacket involves some special care, being a cloth filled with delicate clothing characteristics.

Padded jacket and jacket with feather filling has already become a classic and versatile cloth for fall and winter clothing.

It is light and can occupy very little place in a suitcase, but at the same time it is hot and works very well isolating from the cold, the wind and the rain.

It is so useful; it is a cloth worn by the whole family and that it is better to treat with care so that it does not lose its characteristics and stay the same as the first day after washing.

Wash and dry feather jacket in the self-service laundry

Being bulky coats, using the self-service laundry can be a very convenient option to simplify and reduce washing and drying time.

Some important tips to properly wash your feathered jacket:

  1. The first thing will be to look at the label of the cloth what kind of practices it allows (wash with water and at what temperature is usually in the icon of the bucket with water, the number inside the symbol is the maximum temperature at which the garment).
  2. Remember to remove all the elements of the interior and exterior pockets.
  3. Close all zippers on the jacket, including those in the pockets, this will prevent hooks from occurring during washing and the zippers keep the shape.
  4. Turn the cloth over, leaving it inside out to prevent any items (such as zippers or buckles that you cannot remove) from producing marks or hooks.
  5. Program the centrifugation of the washing machine in suitable for delicate clothes, at maximum 400 rpm, this way you will prevent the feathers from being crushed or moved from their place.
  6. Cold water washing is usually used and the delicate laundry program with long rinse. Use only detergent for delicate items, without any bleach.

To dry jacket filled with natural feathers, undoubtedly, the best option is the self-service laundry, as it offers air drying programs and programs for delicate clothing.

If you were to dry it outdoors, you would have to place the jacket on a flat surface and shake it from time to time to help the filler to dry completely without crushing or flipping to one side.

Washing feather jacket involves some special care, being a garment filled with delicate clothing characteristics.

La Wash, leading franchise company in self-service laundries

La Wash, leading franchise company in self-service laundries

La Wash, leading franchise company in self-service laundries

More than 200 establishments in Spain and Portugal, position La Wash as a leader company in franchising self-service laundries.

The self-service laundries sector has grown exponentially in recent years, and La Wash is part of this growth.

Witness to this growth of the brand is the confidence deposited by Photo-Me International plc., A multinational with base of operations in London and with 46,000 installations in 17 countries.

Committed to providing more quality services to its customers, Photo-Me has launched a diversification strategy in several sectors, among which stands out the proposal in franchises of self-service laundries.

With constant growth in the sector, currently registers 3000 laundries in Europe, 400 of them in Spain with the brands La Wash and Revolution.


La franquicia es un marco comercial que beneficia al franquiciador y al franquiciado, creando redes de negocios que colaboran compitiendo conjuntamente en el mercado y beneficiándose mutuamente.

The construction of a leading franchise like La Wash is based on a successful business model involving several factors:

A model to repeat: the effort put into the development of a franchise format for self-service laundries has made La Wash a benchmark in the sector.

A good performance: the franchises demonstrate excellent profitability and growth, which embodies the decisions to multiply the success in each establishment.

Toolkit: The Wash offers different dossiers and manuals, forming useful elements to facilitate the execution of the business.

Tuned and flexible: La Wash studies the potential competitiveness of each establishment, fine-tuning the details to achieve sustainability.

Takeoff and expansion: the advice and monitoring of the franchises highlights La Wash in the market, focused on the success of the franchisors is the success of the brand.

The franchise is a commercial framework that benefits the franchisor and the franchisee, creating business networks that collaborate by competing jointly in the market and benefiting each other.

Discover all the advantages of setting up your own self-service laundromat and benefit from the growth and positioning of La Wash as a leader in self-service laundromat franchises.

Washing symbols

Washing symbols

How to decrypt the wash symbols

Textile conservation labeling is a very useful tool to take care of all clothes, so it is important to decipher the washing symbols before putting the washing machine.

For a long time, all garments have on the label a number of symbols that inform how to wash them, how to dry them and whether or not it is possible to iron them or use bleach.

This code of graphic symbols for the labeling of textiles is approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), according to the recommendations of the Groupement International pour l’Etiquetage d’Entretien des Textiles, and they are inscribed in a precise order on the labels.


Some key precisions about the symbols of the label

While there are many people who fail to follow these specifications, after this article you may decide or declines the purchase of a garment according to the symbols you see on your label.

Maybe you already have some experience shrunken, faded garments, stains dyed by other garments, wrinkles impossible to eliminate, garments that have no remedy …

Well, for washing, there are the following symbols on the label:

  • A bucket indicates that aqueous washing is allowed.
  • If the bucket is crossed out, the press cannot be wetted or washed with water.
  • If the cell carries a number inside, it indicates the maximum temperature in degrees centigrade.
  • The buckets can also present points: If there is 1 point inside the bucket, the maximum temperature is 30 °, if there are 2 points it is 40 °, if there are 3 points it is 50 °, 4 points is 60 °, 5 points is 70 ° and if there are 6 the maximum temperature can exceed 95 ° without damaging the fabric.
  • If the tray has a hand inside, it indicates that the garment must be washed by hand.
  • If the tray has a horizontal line below, it indicates that washing and bleaching can be done in a washing machine.
  • If there are two lines below the bucket, the wash program should be soft.

For the treatment with bleach, which should always be done in cold water, the indications are in a triangle:

  • If the triangle is crossed out, bleach or any other type of bleach cannot be used.
  • If the triangle is empty, any type of bleach, including bleach, can be used.
  • If the letters CL appear inside the triangle, chlorine bleach can be used.
  • If the triangle has parallel lines, any oxygen-based bleach can be used.

To pass the clothes through the dryer, the indicative of the label is a square:

  • A square with a circle indicates that the dryer can be used at normal temperature.
  • If the circle is completely filled in black, or the square is crossed out, the garment does not accept a dryer.
  • If there is 1 point in the inner circle, the dryer must be used at a low temperature.
  • If there are 2 points on the inner circle, the temperature may be high.
  • If there is a line below the dryer symbol, the drying program for delicate or cold clothes should be used.
  • If a square or curved line appears in the square, drying must be done outdoors, without a dryer.
  • When the square has diagonal lines in a corner, it should be dried outdoors and in the shade.
  • When there are 3 vertical lines in the square, the garment should be dried outdoors and on hangers, smoothing by hand.

The symbols of dry cleaning, on the other hand, are represented by a circle and the inner letters represent the solvent that the garment admits.

Consider each of these recommendations on labeling to preserve the textiles before taking the clothes to the laundromat, so you ensure you properly separate the garments and choose the washing and drying programs indicated to take care of them.

The financial plan of the franchisee

The financial plan of the franchisee

The financial plan of the future franchisee

Opening a business always implies assuming a series of initial expenses in order to start the business activity. At the time of entering into a franchise must be borne in mind that the entrepreneur not only must pay the typical royalties and royalties of entry, but also must deal with other types of expenses that are linked to the opening of any business type.

The most common are the following:

Royalties and entry fees

They are the amounts demanded by the franchisors to their new franchisees. The franchise contract usually specifies the destination of these amounts (training, advice, etc.). However, La Wash does not require this initial payment or royalties.

Store place deposit

If the entrepreneur does not have his own place to set up the business he must resort to a rent, in this case he must bear in mind that the initial outlay will include not only the month of rent but also the payment of the deposit.

Conditioning works

Finding a place in the right place and meeting the necessary requirements to set up the desired business is not always easy. In fact, in the great majority of cases it is necessary to carry out a series of reforms so that the local can host the business that will be assembled. This implies not only the own expenses of the work (masonry, plumbing, etc.) but also the payment of the corresponding municipal taxes and building permit.

Constitution of the mercantile society

Despite being part of a franchise, it is necessary that the franchisee make his business take the form of a legal entity, so the relationship with the franchisor is not a boss-employee relationship but a company-company relationship. This implies a series of administrative costs.

Do you want to start and have your own business at a low cost and with high profitability?

Contact us if you want to be a La Wash franchisee: How to set up my business?