Interview with La Wash in La Vanguardia

Entrevista en La Vanguardia sobre la expansión mundial de La Wash

Interview in La Vanguardia
about the global expansion of
La Wash

The newspaper La Vanguardia, recognized graphic and digital media of international scope,
interviewed Javier Llacuna, founder and CEO of La Wash.

The international expansion undertaken by the franchise of self-service laundries La Wash, is explained in the main newspaper of Catalonia and travels the world in its digital version.

Asked about the preparation of the firm to expand the franchise chain in two continents, Javier Llacuna shares the experience of founding the chain of self- service laundries that opens its way in the world.

The business of doing laundry in La Vanguardia

The publication in the morning newspaper of general information reveals the competitive advantages of the business and does so by interviewing an expert in innovation.

Javier Llacuna tells in the interview how he left a successful career at a multinational company to start an innovative way of doing laundry outside the home.

The model of automatic laundry services had not yet been installed in Spanish society when Javier decided to start La Wash.

What began ten years ago with a self-service laundry in the Clot neighborhood of Barcelona is now a laundry franchise with more than 300 establishments in Spain and Portugal.

But it doesn’t end there. Javier Llacuna is already working on expanding into the international market, with the plan to reach fifteen countries by 2026.

As the CEO and founder of La Wash explains, this rapid growth of the firm is possible thanks to the support of the British group Photo-Me, a holding company that acquired the brand in 2018.

In this sense, La Vanguardia echoes the importance of a business model and highlights it in an interview that recognizes the significant growth of an  innovative, profitable and sustainable franchise.

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International expansion of La Wash

La Wash se expande en Latinoamérica y Oriente Medio

International expansion of La Wash

With an eye immediately set on Latin
America and the Middle East

The brand that in only a decade conquered the Iberian Peninsula with selfservice laundries, now prepares to expand into the international market in an initial projection of 5 years.

Interviewed by La Vanguardia, the founder of self-service laundries La Wash, Javier Llacuna, expressed his motivation and the prospects for reaching some fifteen countries in Latin America and the Middle East in the near future.

La Wash started with the illusion of having found a business sector which, until then, was not very well exploited in Spain.

Javier Llacuna assures that, in a similar way, he is now preparing to approach the strategic market in two key cities for extra-continental expansion: Mexico and Malta.

From doing laundry in the Clot
neighborhood to running more than
300 laundries

It all began in the Clot neighborhood in Barcelona, with a venture for which Llacuna would invest everything; leaving his professional career at a multinational company, he decided to start his own business.

This is how La Wash started, what today is a chain of self-service laundries
with more than 300 laundries in Spain and Portugal.

Between its own stores and franchises, the company earns millions of euros a year and, in recognition of this successful career, it was acquired by Photo-Me, the holding company that now provides it with the backing to continue
expanding its business.

A sustainable and profitable model

The global growth of the brand does not blur the vision of the first day. Llacuna is still CEO and is responsible for planning this expansion with the goal of reaching 15 countries in just 5 years.

The proposal is simple:

  •  A profitable and flexible franchise model, that easily adjusts to
    different types of investors and entrepreneurs.
  • An idea focused on sustainability, as the backbone of the business that saves energy and water to reduce costs, and innovative
    biodegradable detergents to minimize environmental impact.
  • A business focused on the profile of young users and
    entrepreneurs, promoting the culture of a more responsible

Moving towards new horizons, La Wash is ready to enter Malta with the support of an important investment group, while in Mexico it is also doing so with the support of a local partner.

Meanwhile, in Spain and Portugal, La Wash continues to invest in
to develop the expansion of innovative formats such as boxes and self-service modules in gas stations and shopping centers.

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