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Advantages of washing gym clothes in the self-service laundry

Advantages of washing gym clothes in the self-service laundry

Many, they leave the clothes of the gym to wash in the weekly wash. But this is a serious mistake.

The garments for exercising have special manufacturing characteristics that need a different treatment from the rest.

In addition, they are usually very sweaty and accumulate bacteria and bad odors, so we should not wash it along with the clothes for daily use. Knowing this, you will see the benefits of washing gym clothes at the self-service laundry.

The clothes that we use to go to the gym, is generally composed of different types of fabric in a single garment. This makes washing the gym clothes very delicate, because a small mistake can damage the whole set.

Something that many people do not know, is that bacteria develop much faster in sports fabrics, usually made of polyester, than in normal clothing.

They are precisely these bacteria, responsible for causing the bad smell. Although it may seem that the sweat does not have a bad smell at first, if you let it accumulate for several days, the smell will become very unpleasant and more difficult to remove. Rather, the ideal is to wash the exercise clothes as quickly as possible, even, immediately after use.

For that reason, using a self-service laundry is ideal. Actually, there are many advantages to washing gym clothes in the self-service laundry.

So, you can go through the laundry when leaving the gym. No matter if you go early in the morning or very late at night, you can stop by La Wash self-service laundromat, regardless of the time, because they work from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm 365 days a year.

In La Wash self-service laundries, the water used is decalcified, which allows a better washing of clothes, leaving less waste and taking care of your fitness garments much more.

La Wash, has more than 140 stores in Spain and Portugal, and many more to open. So, no matter where you are, you can use one of the self-service laundries to wash your gym clothes.

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