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Alquiler de lavadoras y secadoras para tu negocio

Rental of washers and dryers for your business

Rental of washing machines and dryers is a service increasingly demanded in different areas and it has multiple advantages for your business.

Having a system for the sanitation of textile elements is a necessity both in lodging services and in businesses associated with the field of health, such as clinics, rehabilitation centers, residences and hospitals.

The externalized wash service results in significant costs, in addition to which it may entail some risks in terms of compliance with the types of collection and delivery of textiles.

The same applies to the products and the type of cleaning, since these textile pieces require the guarantee of a specific process of sanitization.

With the rent of washing machines and dryers you save, not only in avoiding these risks, but you save the liquidity of the business for other acquisitions and you can even forget about the technical service.

Multiple advantages for your business

In La Wash we offer the rental of industrial equipment for washing and drying clothes, with the best technology to perform the operation easily and quickly.

The washing machines and dryers that we have for the rent, support loads of up to 19 kg (42 lb.) and you can have the textiles perfectly sanitized and dry in only 1 hour.

Our rental of washing machines and dryers offers specialized technical service and replacement of equipment, so you cannot worry about spending extra money in case of breakdowns or malfunctions.

In addition, we bring all our experience to the conditioning of the installation that is required in the use of industrial washing machines, in order to meet the optimal conditions for the proper functioning of the equipment.

Our washing machines and clothes dryers are of last generation, so in addition to ecological efficiency, they guarantee energy efficiency without producing consumption expenses while they are out of use.