How to set up a laundry from scratch

How to set up a laundry from scratch

How to set up a self-service laundry from scratch

Being part of the La Wash self-service laundering franchise is very simple, does not require entry fees or royalties, and offers personalized advice for the installation and development of the business both in Spain and Portugal.

With more than 200 establishments installed, the extensive experience in the development of professional projects has given us the opportunity to know the main questions of entrepreneurs who want to invest in a business of these characteristics:

What size does the store need?

The establishments usually have between 30 and 40 m2 (323 and 431 ft2) , enough space to install 4 washing machines and 2 or 3 dryers, together with the central of payments and sometimes, dispenser of chemical products.

Although the dimensions can reach 120 m2 (1292 ft2), it is very important to know the potential market to make every meter of the installation profitable.

La Wash also has a modular system that allows you to install a self-service laundry in outdoor areas and relocate it if required, which offers great advantages in seasonal resorts, service stations and campsites.

What do you need to set-up a self-service laundry?

In the world of franchises, these are recognized by low investment or low-cost franchises. It is a business that can start with a low investment, for stores between 30 and 50 m2 (323 and 538 ft2 ).

A diaphanous store is the ideal space, since La Wash provides a marketing kit that includes the cession of the corporate image, furniture and decoration as well as the interior and exterior signage of the premises.

To obtain the activity license, authorizations and to take the management of the business, La Wash offers accompaniment and constant advice that goes from the first stages to the day after day of the business, and even to the option of an external management.

What is the profile of the users?

Every time there are more groups that use self-service laundries, from people from student residences and tourists, to self-employed professionals, families, numerous or not, and retirees.

Also, the small restaurants and catering establishments find in the self-service laundries an economical alternative to perform the washing of linens and bedding.

With the App and the customer loyalty card of La Wash, the neighbors find multiple promotional benefits and the advantage of dispensing with the use of cash.

In addition, La Wash performs a market study prior to the installation of the laundry, to advise on the optimal equipment and the best locations in the target area.

What is the profile of the franchisee?

Se trata de un negocio que no requiere una gran inversión de tiempo ni de dinero, por lo que resulta ideal para emprendedores que desean invertir sin dejar aún su principal actividad profesional.

At La Wash we offer the tools – desde assembly kit hasta the franchise master-to carry on the business, as well as the follow-up and advice for beginning investors.

With the business model of La Wash franchises you become the owner of your own business.