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Take care of the environment while doing your laundry

All of us are concerned about the environment and we would like to do something to improve the environment around us. We may think that we cannot do anything, but the truth is that if we all do a little on our behalf, we can improve considerably. Practices as simple as separating waste for recycling or using self-service launderettes to do laundry, may be very beneficial for the environment.


Doing laundry is something absolutely essential for anyone, but is a serious detriment to the environment because every time that we put a washer to work, we are pouring down the drain a lot of water with soap scum, with the dangers that implies for some ecosystems.

We cannot stop doing our laundry, but we can try to minimize the ecological damage that this routine action produces.

In self-service laundries we have the opportunity to wash our clothes in large capacity washing machines, which means that for every wash cycle to be put in one of these shops, we will be saving between two and three domestic washing cycles. This results in less water polluted with soap scum.

By being able to wash more clothes at one time we are also helping to save water, a commodity that is increasingly scarce.

To all of this, we must add that the washing machines used in these establishments are energy efficient and use the least amount of energy possible. Using less electricity means less harmful emissions into the atmosphere, so in this way we also care for the environment.

By changing some of our habits, such as how to do laundry, it costs us nothing and to our planet it can make a big difference. By doing all of us a little bit, we add a lot for the planet.