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La Wash Washing tips


Doing laundry doesn’t have to be a tiresome chore. Following some tips for washing and going to a launderette you can have your clothes always in good conditions.

When doing laundry, the first thing to remember is that it is not advisable to accumulate dirty clothes for a long time. Try to make at least one batch of laundry a week.

Bear in mind that the longer stains remain in the fabric, they are more difficult to remove. To this we must add that in the dirty laundry basket there are often clothes with moisture, which can spoil the rest of the clothes.


Before washing the clothes always check their label. The one who knows how to take care the best about a particular garment its manufacturer. Washing instructions will tell you the steps to follow to get your clothes clean and not spoiled.

Separate clothes by their color. This is especially important if you know there is some dark garment that can discolor or if you will need to add bleach.

Once you have clear which clothes you are going to put in each wash cycle, only then prepare them. Close the pants, blouses, etc. buttons and zippers to prevent them from hooking in on other garments and cause damage. In the case of jeans, which usually include some tacks in the pockets, it is advisable to turn them inside out before putting them into the washing machine.

If any of your clothes have one of those considered difficult spots, it is best that you apply a specific stain remover before putting the washing machine. It is advisable to apply this product immediately after the stain occurs, thus it will not penetrate into the fabric and it will disappear easily during the washing cycle.

With all the clothes ready and classified, now you can put the washing machine with total confidence.