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What to do in a laundry center?

Knowing what to do in a laundry center is very simple because although most of these stores operate autonomously and have no employees, in all of them, all customers can find information on how to use washers and dryers and what to do if some problem arises.

What to do in a laundry center?

The first thing to do is to separate the clothes by color, like when you put a washing machine at home. To save time, this task can be done before going to the laundry.

Once in the laundry center, just enter the clothes that you want to wash in any of the empty washers and add detergent, softener and bleach if necessary. In some stores users can bring their own detergent and fabric softener, while in others there is no such possibility.

Later on, the washing machine is closed and the service is paid for. In some shops, the washing machine functions directly with coins and in other establishment’s payment must be made in an automatic register. After the payment is made, the washing machine is unlocked and the user just has to press the operating button so that the machine starts working.

After washing the clothes, remove it from the washing machine and place it in the dryer, performing the same operation for the payment.

Once the drying cycle finishes, clothes are ready to be collected. In less than an hour the customer has his/her clothes clean, dry and ready to return home.