La Wash, the easiest way to wash quilts

Your quilts will hardly fit in the domestic washing machine and they take a long time to dry, even if you have room to hang out them.

Wash your quilts in La Wash self-service laundries

Your quilts will hardly fit in the domestic washing machine and they take a long time to dry, even if you have room to hang out them.

Do not overthink, La Wash is the easiest way to wash your quilts.

Se avecina el cambio de temporada y, con ello, la habitual rutina doméstica de cambiar las prendas de abrigo por unas más livianas, habrá que higienizar los grandes textiles de la casa y guardarlas hasta el otoño, como mínimo.

The change of season is approaching and, with it, the usual domestic routine of changing the outerwear for lighter ones, it will be necessary to sanitize the large textiles of the house and keep them until autumn, at least.

Well, even when the days are somewhat longer, warmer and the weather is drier, washing the quilts is usually a tedious and laborious task.

Solve the washing of quilts in 3 steps

The size of the washing machine: When it comes to domestic washing machines, the first appears when trying to put the quilt in the washing machine.

In La Wash self-service laundries, the machines are industrial equipment, with larger dimensions and a better result in deep cleaning.

According to the establishment closest to your home, you can find washing machines with capacity for 9, 10, 15 and up to 19 kg ( 20, 22, 33 and up to 42 lb.).

Stains and traces of soap: normal, the load of the domestic washing machine is so tight that it does not perform well the task of rinsing and spinning, so it does not eliminate the stains of use and can even be marked with traces of soap.

In the washing machines of La Wash, in addition to the washing capacity, you can choose the most suitable program for the type of fabric, avoiding that the piece suffers from lack of rinsing, inadequate temperatures or centrifugation at incompatible speeds.

At the same time, you avoid overloading the domestic washing machine, which can be broken due to the effort that the drum makes to work with these large and heavy parts.

Place and time of drying: drying an outdoor a quilt requires a lot of time, space and effort. It is impossible to do it on the floor.

Like any piece with a coat stuffed, quilts lose their shape by drying them hanging on a cord. The ideal situation is to dry them on a horizontal surface and remove them to avoid caking the filling in some corners.

Do the math of following all these steps with each of the family quilts!

In La Wash self-service laundries, you take dry quilts in 1 hour.

Drying machines have a capacity of 15 kg (33 lb.). Use the low or medium temperature drying program for quilts and other stuffed garments (if filling is synthetic) and take the quilt ready for storage until next season.

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