Self-service laundries are a business with a future


La Wash self-service laundries are the business of the future

It is about the businesses that more and better has been developed in recent years. Since its appearance in Spain, franchising self-service laundries are the business of the future, more specifically La Wash.

They have not stopped growing since their appearance and, at a firm pace, they are spreading to more and more diverse locations.

Self-service laundries, which until recently were only seen in tourist spots or large cities, are growing and are also being implemented in small cities.

It is a different market from the traditional ones with three main characteristics:

Social transformations: habits have changed, schedules adjust and priorities change, we value much more social ties and free time.

Self-service laundries have advanced from its main audience, composed mainly of students, tourists and immigrants, to whole families who decide to make the most of their free time in activities that exceed housework.

This new segment of the market is the one that requires more and more options appropriate to their needs.

Comfort and self-service profitability: the concept itself is innovative in this type of service store, comfortable for the customer while profitable for the owner.

These are establishments that, except for other services, operate on a small surface and do not need employees. The customer pays the service in cash through the payment center and selects the washing and drying program on the machines he/she uses.

In a new market self-service laundry offer more optimized solutions.

Full day without seasonality: the business model admits wide schedules and operate every day of the year, including weekends and holidays.

This feature positions self-service laundries as a business close to neighbors, who use the services any day and take advantage of the laundry at any time, at a low cost and in a short time.

This eliminates the seasonality of other similar businesses that offer differentiated services according to the type of garment.

So, if you want to start a business with a future, do not hesitate to contact La Wash.

Self-service laundries as is the case of La Wash are a business with a future, since it is one of the most and best developed in recent years.

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