Wash feather jacket

Wash feather jacket

Keys to wash feather jacket

Washing feather jacket involves some special care, being a cloth filled with delicate clothing characteristics.

Padded jacket and jacket with feather filling has already become a classic and versatile cloth for fall and winter clothing.

It is light and can occupy very little place in a suitcase, but at the same time it is hot and works very well isolating from the cold, the wind and the rain.

It is so useful; it is a cloth worn by the whole family and that it is better to treat with care so that it does not lose its characteristics and stay the same as the first day after washing.

Wash and dry feather jacket in the self-service laundry

Being bulky coats, using the self-service laundry can be a very convenient option to simplify and reduce washing and drying time.

Some important tips to properly wash your feathered jacket:

  1. The first thing will be to look at the label of the cloth what kind of practices it allows (wash with water and at what temperature is usually in the icon of the bucket with water, the number inside the symbol is the maximum temperature at which the garment).
  2. Remember to remove all the elements of the interior and exterior pockets.
  3. Close all zippers on the jacket, including those in the pockets, this will prevent hooks from occurring during washing and the zippers keep the shape.
  4. Turn the cloth over, leaving it inside out to prevent any items (such as zippers or buckles that you cannot remove) from producing marks or hooks.
  5. Program the centrifugation of the washing machine in suitable for delicate clothes, at maximum 400 rpm, this way you will prevent the feathers from being crushed or moved from their place.
  6. Cold water washing is usually used and the delicate laundry program with long rinse. Use only detergent for delicate items, without any bleach.

To dry jacket filled with natural feathers, undoubtedly, the best option is the self-service laundry, as it offers air drying programs and programs for delicate clothing.

If you were to dry it outdoors, you would have to place the jacket on a flat surface and shake it from time to time to help the filler to dry completely without crushing or flipping to one side.

Washing feather jacket involves some special care, being a garment filled with delicate clothing characteristics.

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